Thank you for helping our K-8 kids shine through this pandemic. It’s good to know that you have programs for staff and parents too.

Beverlee Mathenia - Senior Executive Director - Westminster, CA - K-8 School district

Mike’s Born To Shine program received very positive feedback from our (K-8) students and teachers at all 16 of our schools. Highly recommend his program.

Lori Hernandez - Executive Director of teaching & Learning - K-8

Mike’s a great storyteller! His voice invokes a feeling of safety and trust. Our entire school district of (K-8) loved his ‘Born To Shine’ program. Highly recommend it.

Kim Bui - Teacher - Westminster School District - California - k-8

Thank you for such a positive message, our K-5 students really needed to hear it.

Kim Breckenridge - Principal - Elementary School K-5 - site administrator of the year

I was SO impressed with how many of our Elementary School students were using the strategies.

Sandy Bowen - Principal - Onalaska Elementary School - Onalaska, WA

Thank you so much Mike! Loved the affirmations!!!!! So many students got up to write beautiful things!

Joelene Walker - Director of Student Development - Exceptional Childrens Foundation - Los Angeles, CA

“During the Check-In I loved hearing how our students are implementing the SEL tools you taught them. Thanks for making a difference at our Elementary School”

Lindsay Wolsey - Principal - Manzanita Elementary School, Kingman, AZ

You taught our students some great growth mindset and SEL techniques. I know your songs will stay in their heads because they’re stuck in mine😊.

LaToya Tatum - Vice Principal - Kirk Elementary School - Fresno, CA