Problem: Middle & High School students are struggling. Solution: 'SHINE Through Darkness' school assembly.

"SHINE through DARKNESS" interactive school assembly for 6th-12th graders

The 5 Keys to overcome anxiety and depression so you can live your best life!!

According to the Child Mind Institute over 70% of middle & high school students are struggling with ANXIETY and DEPRESSION.

SHINE Through Darkness (school assembly) provides the exact tools 6th-12th graders need to live a meaningful, healthy, long life. 

We HELP students BELIEVE in themselves!

INVESTMENT: 'Shine Through Darkness' school assembly (6th-12th graders) is $10K per school.   Plus $2500 for travel.  Total investment = $12,500

We ALSO offer an unforgettable program for small groups of 'High Risk' 6th-12th grade students. "Life's Like a Song"


Life's Like a Song: $25,000 (includes 4 zoom sessions + a hit song + music video + t-shirts).

Extra Support (optional) - $3,500 - fly to your school for a surprise 'celebration' session to reveal the 'music video' and set the stage for your students to SHARE their experience (before and after writing their own song).  Plus hand out t-shirts in person.