Mike Sullivan

Motivational Speaker, Author, and Award-Winning Songwriter Mike Sullivan has shared his program with over 300 schools (middle school, high school, and college).  His mission is to transform people's lives with his program BORN TO SHINE. 

Sullivan resides in Los Angeles.  His father is a speaker and his mother is a gifted pianist.  It's no surprise that both of these art forms rubbed off onto Mike. 

Combining his BA in Psychology, engaging speaking skills, and interactive songs, Sullivans 'Born To Shine' method provides 'strategies' and the 'exact tools' needed for a happier, healthier and more productive life.

His program ‘BORN TO SHINE’ empowers students to feel comfortable in their own skin, not compare themselves to others, build themselves up, and become the best version of themselves.

Some of the life-changing strategies that are discussed are: 'Loving Ourselves', 'Overcoming Our Fears', and 'Living In The Moment'. Being a musician, Mike can't help himself to compare life to music.  One additional topic is: 'Re-writing your Life' as he re-writes a song on the spot.  This is a profound process, and one of Mikes's favorites to share with students.