K-5 Students participating at an interactive school assembly...

Set your K-5 students UP for SUCCESS with a 'Born To Shine' interactive school assembly

Strategies and the exact tools needed for a happy, healthy and productive life. 

The World Health Organization AND the Child Mind Institute report that over 70% of K-5 students suffer with anxiety and depression.

This interactive school assembly quickly enables K-5 students to embrace their uniqueness, build themselves up, manage their emotions, and SHINE from the inside out!

Learning Outcomes: BOOST in Self-Esteem, Resiliency, Empathy, and Teamwork.

Secondary Outcomes: Feeling good about themselves, making more friends, feeling like they 'fit in', LOWER ANXIETY and better test scores.


Watch this quick cartoon explain our 3 tier approach for Born To SHINE!!...it's awesome for K-5 students!!

Follow Up assembly (after Born To Shine)...for more support

Here's the reason WHY students NEED Born To Shine...