We work with School Districts that want a CLEAR PATH for their K-5 students to REDUCE ANXIETY and INCREASE SELF-ESTEEM so they can SHINE from the inside out and THRIVE in school and life!

This page is for Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Dir of Curriculum/Learning, Principals, SEL Teams or anyone that would like 'more info' about our SEL School Assemblies.

Our goal is simple, to build your K-5 students SELF-ESTEEM, EMPATHY and RESILIENCY and reduce their ANXIETY so they can THRIVE in school and in life...and make your district SHINE!

$$ Investment: for Born To Shine

$2500 per school for a 'Virtual' school assembly (via Zoom)

$5000 per school for an 'In-Person' school assembly

You'll receive a 60 minute SEL school assembly 

Plus a free 60 minute 'Check-In' session a week after the assembly

Plus 12 months of access to our kid tested and mother approved 'After-Care' support course (it's like Netflix for kids)

The HERO In YOU is the perfect 'follow up' program building on the strategies your K-5 students learned from 'Born To Shine.'

This school assembly focuses on Empathy, Resiliency, and Teamwork.

Our main goal is to support YOUR students with their Mental Health by sharing the EXACT TOOLS they need to succeed in school and in life.